Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of year Showcase and Class Gifts!

This is just a friendly reminder that we need everyone who intends to go to the End of Year Masters Student Showcase to RSVP at Light refreshments will be provided. There will also be an after hours event, so make sure you RSVP for that as well. Please do so ASAP.

Also, if you are a paid UPPSA member, you may pick up your class gift at the Front Desk of UPP. This year UPPSA ordered Clean Canteens with the UPPSA logo on the side. You will only be able to pick up your canteen during business hours and will have to give the front admin your name. One gift per member

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Second Coming - UPSSA Weekly Roundup and Transition

· Graduation Night Party Friday 6th- The night of graduation, after dinner with your benefactor, UPPSA plans to host a house party from 9pm to midnight at The Red Canary- at 695 N. Milwaukee Av.. Count on dancing, socializing, refreshing beverages and some music. Attendees can buy a $33 wristband for all-you can imbibe beer wine and call drinks, so feel free to invite friends and family. If you haven’t received the facebook invite email and we’ll rectify the situation as soon as possible.

· CUPPA End of the Year Party and Student Work Showcase- On Thursday, May 5th (the night before graduation) CUPPA will host an end of year celebration tentatively scheduled from 5-7pm at the Illini Center at South Wacker and West Adams. Included in this celebration is the opportunity open to students who completed their masters’ projects to show their work during the reception. Presentations are limited to a single poster, handouts or a brief presentation. This is a great opportunity to feature your work as planning professionals and alumni join us to celebrate the end of the year. If you plan on presenting email UPPSA at We will be joined by MPA and UPA students showcasing their capstone projects. For those of you with conflicts that will prevent you from getting to this event before 7pm, the party will continue at Currents On the River in the basement level of the Illini Center beginning at 7pm. Drop by to continue the conversation, enjoy the view of the Chicago River and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

· Complete the MUPP Exit Survey before Submitting Your Masters’ Project- The final item on the submission checklist for submitting your masters is completion of the MUPP exit survey. Fill it out here and print out the certificate at the end in order to submit your masters’ project. Best of luck!

· Graduation Speech- Hear What You Want to Hear- UPPSA President, Bob Fuller, was asked to speak and represent MUPP students at the CUPPA graduation on May 6th. He could guess what folks want to hear, but in the age of electronic communication why not actually get your feedback. Email with your suggestions for topics Bob should cover in his brief address at graduation- “A Review of Peter Hall’s Cities of Tomorrow,” “What I plan to do with a MUPP degree,” a mashup of “Wear Sunscreen,” and “The Gettysburgh Address,” are just a few ideas he’s already had. Send in your suggestions with the subject line Graduation Address before he comes up with a topic on his own.

· “I Love Logan Square” Party April 30th- Logan Square's favorite party, back for a third smash year! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30th, 8pm-1am, for the "I Love Logan Square" party, a fundraiser for Logan Square Neighborhood Association ( 8:30pm Zumba lesson, 9:30pm LIVE AUCTION (auctioneers: Raul Islas and Sara Mathers), 10:30pm Dancing, music provided by the PEOPLE'S DJ COLLECTIVE

· Book Exchange- As this semester is ending, a new one is going to begin shortly. Don’t forget to sell your books for some extra holiday cash, or rent them out, if you are attached to them. UPPSA book exchange in online! Go to to post your books.

· Academic or Assistantship Advocacy- Any MUPPs with concerns about department-wide academic issues are encouraged to contact UPPSA at with your feedback about the program. The Board of UPPSA meets regularly with the UPP department and the Dean of CUPPA. Let us be your advocate. Also, for those students with assistantships, UPPSA Board Member Meredith Klekotka is the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) steward for CUPPAH. If you feel you have been treated unfairly in your assistantship (Teaching, Graduate or Research) feel free to contact her at to get connected with the GEO’s grievance resources.

If you have important news for fellow MUPPs and you would like it included in the President’s Weekly Roundup and/or on the UPPSA website email by 2 p.m. each Sunday.