Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome New UPPSA Board!

Please join me in welcoming the new UPPSA Board for 2009-10!

Jennessa Berg: Secretary
Katie Bowman: Vice-President
Valbona Kokoshi: APA Representative
Jason Saavedra: President
Annie Shim: Chief Activities Officer (New Position)
Mike Sobczak: Treasurer
Andy Waggoner: Professional Development Officer (New Position)

Officers begin their one-year term on June 1. The positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Professional Development Officer, and Chief Activities Officer will not officially be filled until the elected board members vote on their nomination during the first Board Meeting, which will take place within the next few weeks. However, there are no obstacles foreseen in their approval. An additional position (1st Year APA Representative) will be filled through appointment from the new students in the Fall.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the previous Board and all of those who volunteered on working groups over the past year. They really laid the groundwork for a lot of the things we are planning for next year, and they have been extremely supportive during the transition. I trust that they will all continue to be involved, so don't worry - this is not a good-bye!

Please stay tuned for information about some fun activities to celebrate the warm weather! Also, in case you haven't visited the UPPSA blog in a while (http://uppsa.blogspot.com/), please do so! We are making an effort to include lots of interesting and meaningful postings and events to take up your time throughout the summer. If you are interested in being a contributor to the blog, please contact us to express your interest.

The entire UPPSA Board looks forward to representing you and serving your needs. Please contact any of us with your thoughts, concerns, ideas, complaints, and even compliments!


Jason Saavedra

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