Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Financial Awards through the APA

The APA has some funding options that MUPP students can apply for to help alleviate the financial burdens of graduate school.

Master's level students from PAB-accredited planning departments may apply for the Economic Development Division's graduate scholarship. The recipient of the $1,000 award will be chosen based on a faculty recommendation and an original paper or work on a topic related to economic development and planning. Apply by February 18.

The Housing and Community Development Division Research Grant program identifies innovative housing or community development methods, practices, or programs. The 2010 grant recipient will receive $1,000 for materials and activities directly related to research for a master's thesis or other project. The submission deadline is February 18.

The student writing competition sponsored by the Transportation Planning Division recognizes and rewards student work completed for courses in PAB-accredited programs on current transportation planning or policy issues. Submit entries by February 18.

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