Thursday, July 29, 2010

APA-IL Conference, Bloomington/Normal, September 22nd-24th, 2010


As you probably know, the APA-IL conference is coming up in September in Bloomington/Normal. I went on the conference website today to look at all the options and sign myself up for the full event as there seem to be so many great mobile workshops lined up, such as biking around Normal-Bloomington’s Constitution Trail, Canoeing the Mackinaw River, going to a cheese farm and vineyard, and touring a wind farm! To see the schedule of events, go here.

As you can see, so much is planned! There will also be events with other student organizations and young planners groups, as well as movie night for the international film festival and a pub quiz! Unfortunately, there will not be an opportunity for free or discounted admission to the conference for volunteering this year. However, we still encourage student to offer up volunteering for opportunities to network with other professionals in the field. Who knows, this might even lead to an internship, as it has for others in the past!

I have signed up for the conference ($90) and have also signed up for the bike ride, the vineyard and the wind farm tour (total another $85). I encourage all of you to attend the conference, even if you do not attend any of the mobile workshops. You do not need to sign up for everything and the conference has student discounts if you want to attend for just one day, instead of all 3. New MUPPS, if you do not have an APA account yet, have no fear! Hazel sends an email to APA for your free 1 yrs student membership once everyone has been accounted for. You might have to wait to sign up for the event, but you can certainly plan ahead and book your transportation and lodging in the interim.

In addition, I have contacted Amtrak to see about taking my bike to the conference. The cost for the train there, including return is $36, with the bike cost being another $20, however, there are certain trains bikes are allowed on during rush hours and you need to reserve a spot. If other people are planning on bringing their bikes, we should plan a night ride through the city, or out to the fields! Call 1-800-USA-RAIL to book your trip and reserve the space for your bike. Some seats on the train are already filling up.

The conference is being held at the Marriott in Bloomington, with a room cost per night of $119 for a double. I did a quick hotels. com search and found rooms as low as $51 for the 21st-24th, 2 miles away from the site (Bring your bike!) If we get a group together for the event, we might be able to get a cheaper deal at one of these hotels. Also, please access the UPPSA website forum to put down your dates, logistics, and find a room mate!

As you can see, things start to add up very quickly for the event. As a member of UPPSA, you will get some of your costs for the conference reimbursed; the amount depends on how many students attend, which we will not know until closer to the date. If you are not a member of UPPSA, or need to pay your new semester dues, please check out the form on the website.

Action items:
-sign up or pay for your dues to UPPSA. The form can be handed in electronically with a bill pay sent to UPPSA , or a paper copy and check to Ann Barnds in UPP.
-sign up for the conference here
-book your transportation options early, here
-add a post for room mates and lodging on the forum here
-send your receipts to once EVERYTHING has been paid and closer to the conference date

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need anything from me!

Sara F. Amaral

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