Monday, July 6, 2009

Burnham- "Chicago planner found solace in Evanston"

"At the height of his career, architect and visionary Daniel H. Burnham made no small plans, achieving accomplishments that seem almost fictional in their scope.
The renowned architect designed buildings throughout the country, directed the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and consulted on plans for cities ranging from Chicago to Manila. Yet even in the midst of all the activity, Burnham had a special fondness for his chosen home.

Evanston served "as a place of rest and really a retreat from his busy professional life," said Lori Osborne, archivist at the Evanston History Center, located in the Charles Gates Dawes House, at 225 Greenwood St.

"Home in Evanston," Burnham said in a letter he wrote during one of his travels, "fills my longing." Burnham's relationship to Evanston as well as his work is examined in a new exhibit at the center, "Daniel Burnham's Evanston," now open to the public."

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