Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comments Needed: CUPPA Diversity Mission Statement


As you may know, UIC is embarking on a university-wide diversity strategic thinking and planning (DSTP) process that will result in diversity strategic plans for both the university and each of its colleges in January of 2010. As part of the "diversity thinking" process, CUPPA's DSTP Committee has developed a draft mission statement for consideration as a basis for future diversity planning. I would like to offer this draft for your review and comment. Please refer to the following link for a copy of this draft statement.

Please note that it is early in the process, and that students will have ample opportunity for feedback. In addition, it is important to note that within our discussions, the CUPPA DSTP Committee has recognized that defining diversity is a difficult task, and also that a narrow definition of diversity may be overly restrictive. On the other hand, we understand that the nature of strategic planning necessitates some definition of common terms in order to facilitate evaluation of alternative courses of action and the gauging of progress. Therefore, this statement attempts to set the stage for planning by expressing a common understanding of diversity while including language that intends to leave room for broader interpretations.

Please review the draft statement and provide feedback by replying to this email by Sunday, July 26. Your voice is important. Thank you!


Jason Saavedra
Chair, CUPPA Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning Committee
President, Urban Planning and Policy Student Association

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