Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24th UPPSA President’s Roundup

Below are this week’s announcements from UPPSA. If you enjoy interesting lectures, this is the week for you.
• MPA Sponsors Annenburg Speaker and Reception-The Department of Public Administration is excited to sponsor several events on campus to heighten student awareness and interest in careers with the Federal government. On Tuesday October 26th, Kimberly Ainsworth, Executive Director of the Federal Executive Board for the Greater Boston Region, will be the featured speaker throughout the day in various locations. There will also be a webinar for all interested students on how to apply for jobs in the Federal sector. The day will culminate with a reception featuring Director Ainsworth and her fellow directors from the Chicago and Minneapolis regions of the Federal Executive Board. For further information contact Margaret LaPorte at
• SUPA Lecture Series- Please join us for the first installment of the SUPA Lecture Series, where speakers from three different field of planning will be speaking about any past or present projects, as well as professional work with their respective organizations. The speaking time will be 10 minutes each followed by a short Q/A. The panel is focused on city planning, and the theme is "Diversity in Planning." It is scheduled for October 28th(Thursday) at 4:30pm in CUPPAH room 110, sandwiches and snacks will be provided. Please RSVP by emailing the 25th (Monday) to RSPV for the event.
• Great Cities Institute Forum, Friday November 4th from 3-4:30pm- GCI will host Manuel Albers for a discussion on the Production of the Financial Crisis in New York City. This event will take place in GCI on the 4th floor of CUPPAH. For more information search for Great Cities Institute on Facebook.
• Real Estate Group Real Estate in Real Life Series- Come hear Rux Currin, Senior VP of Mesirow Financial, talk about the experience of building a skyscraper. The event will take place in Lincoln Hall (the cool one) room 210 from 4-6pm on October 27th. To learn more and RSVP visit
• Masters Project Forum- Based on this past Friday's UPP Next event during which UPP faculty and former students presented on the MUPP masters project, we thought it would be a good idea to begin an on-going discussion board for students to put their ideas out into the MUPP community, learn about resources and find people for collaboration. One of the ideas that came up was the disconnect between completing a solely individual masters project and then working in careers that will almost never involve purely individual work. Us this thread as a forum for collaboration. Feel free to post 1) your idea for a masters project 2) requests for information, sources or people to connect with 3) provide feedback to others and 4) begin the process of pursuing a collaborative masters project. To view it go to
• Academic or Assistantship Advocacy- Any MUPPs with concerns about department-wide academic issues are encouraged to contact UPPSA at with your feedback about the program. The Board of UPPSA meets regularly with the UPP department and the Dean of CUPPA. Let us be your advocate. Also, for those students with assistantships, UPPSA President Bob Fuller is also the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) steward for CUPPAH. If you feel you have been treated unfairly in your assistantship (Teaching, Graduate or Research) feel free to contact him at to get connected with the GEO’s grievance resources.
• Halloween Critical Mass- Get your bike on and show your style: Halloween Critical Mass ( Like always, Critical Mass takes place on the last Friday of the month and in October it is all about Halloween. Celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday and bring awareness that bicyclists are traffic too. This month’s critical mass is the most fun. Riders will gather down at Daley Plaza (around the Picasso Sculpture) and leave at 5:30pm. Yes, 5:30. So try not to be late. And don’t forget your costume. If you are interested in attending, email Sara Amaral @
• Early Voting/Grace Period Voting- In case you are busy on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd, you can vote ahead of time at locations throughout the City of Chicago starting Tuesday, October 11th. To learn more and find the closest early voting polling place visit,
If you didn’t already register to vote, you still can by visiting the Chicago Board of Elections where you can still register until October 26th, but you’ll have to vote when you register. For more information visit
• If you have important news for fellow MUPPs and you would like it included in the President’s Weekly Roundup and/or on the UPPSA website email by 2 p.m. each Sunday.

Have a great week,
Bob Fuller
President- UPPSA

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