Friday, October 15, 2010

UPPSA Notes from Community Development and Economic Development Concentration Meetings

Below are notes taken by UPPSA representatives at faculty concentration committee meetings this month. UPPSA has a welcome seat at the table for faculty meetings. Let us know at if you would like further information or are interested in representing students in your concentration.

October 12, 2010 Community Development Concentration Meeting

Main focus of the meeting was confirming classes for next semester and planning for summer classes and the 2011-2012 academic year. Some highlights:
• Classes confirmed for Spring 2011 as posted on CUPPA’s website with the addition of Professor Gills teaching 547 Community Organization Practice on Wednesday night from 6-9
o Teaching assignments for 506 were not discussed
• In addition to UPP 543 Health Communities, Professor Winkle will likely also teach a course on food system planning in Spring 2011
• Expecting two new faculty by Spring 2011, especially looking for people with methods skills who could teach 502
• Possible elective courses:
o Health and food system
o Public participation
o Banking
o Grant writing, more hands on practical experience

Tossed around ideas for seminar courses, particularly for PhD courses
• In the past have analyzed dissertations
• Ann Barnds noted that PhD students are interested in methods classes, need both qualitative and mixed method
• Professor Kawamura noted that they are planning on restructuring the PhD program generally

There was also discussion of restructuring the summer class structure
• Professor Betancur is concerned that classes suffer when students take two at a time
• Proposed a shift from the 4 week/8 week structure to 6 week courses
o This would mean meeting more frequently than an 8 week class
o Professors think it would mean students could be more invested in each class by eliminating any overlap
• Ann pointed out that more students are taking more classes in the summer, and overall
o Professors are concerned that learning, and readings in particular, get slighted when students try to overload
o Some professors are concerned that students are just trying to get a degree, understand economic pressures
• Ann is investigating with summer school options with the University, though they have to commit by the end of the month
o Looking for input

Classes have been affected by changes in student demographics
• This falls community development cohort had almost 35 students
• Students have also been younger with fewer practitioners
• Short discussion about increase attempts to draw in part-time students and practitioners in the future.

October Economic Development Concentration Meeting Notes

Oct 11th fall classes will go online for students to see in the 2 year plan
For Spring 2011
New adjunct faculty -Bridget Lane, owner of Business Districts, Inc.- will be teaching Commercial Strip Revitalization with Ivan Baker
Rachel Weber will not be teaching any courses
Nik Theodore will be teaching Planning for the Informal Economy
Phil Ashton will be teaching Development Finance

For Year 2011/2012
2 new faculty members, possibly taking on some of the core classes which would free up Econ profs to teach more classes
Possibility of bringing on Tom Snyder to teach a budgeting course, he is currently teaching UPP 514. It's his first year teaching here, and he is getting good responses.

CGI working with undergrad college to put on Cinema in the Cities, which could possibly create scheduling problems for Ashton and Weber
Possibility of offering Deal Making & Negotiation Strategies - best taught by practitioner
Ashton interested in teaching Community Reinvestment Course

Possible new courses in the future
Regional economics course
Innovation course
Effects of new Environmental concentration on ED
Environmental Economics course will be renumbered in the 570s, but will still also count as an ED elective.

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