Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Economic Development Committee Notes

Classes to be offered next year:

Fall 11:

Ashton: UPP 205, UPA Capstone
Drucker: UPP 531, possibly 502
Parker: UPP 501, 588
Theodore: UPP 594, UPP 536 (Workforce Development - possibly adjunct Marc Doussard)
Weber: UPP 535 Dealmaking, possiblyl 583, 533, or 500

Spring 12:

Ashton: UPP 541, UPP 594 (Community Reinvestment)
Drucker: UPP 530, possibly 500, 502, UPA 306
Parker: UPA 308, UPP 493 (Gender and the City), possibly 501 or 540
Theodore: possibly UPA 308, an International Development Course or UPA 308
Weber: Undecided

UPP 533 may be taught by an adjunct next year, and there are plans to offer Commercial Strip Revitalization next year as well.

***Given the two new profs that will be brought on for next year, decisions for who will be teaching core classes are still undecided, so the classes listed above are not set in stone yet.

Classes that may be in the works if there is an interest in them:

Innovations Elective - Drucker
Market Analysis course (not necessarily in ED) - adjunct Linda Goodman

Possible Studios:

Village of West Chester Economic Development Project

Rosenwald Apartments (Chicago) - ULI has created a technical assistance panel program to assist and advise on land use and real estate development issues for this development. Might be used as a case study in UPP 533

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