Monday, August 11, 2008

Job Opportunity: Transportation Planner in the City of Danville, IL

MPO Transportation Planner in the city of Danville, IL

Under supervision:
> to perform professional work in Transportation Planning;
> to coordinate activities and studies, including dissemination of information on all phases and promotion of transportation programs;
> to perform related duties as required;
> makes assigned investigations regarding transportation, public transit, ridesharing, and land use issues as they relate to studies and projects undertaken by the Danville Area Transportation Study;
> compiles and maintains statistical data on public transportation, streets and highways, rail transportation, transportation demand management and other transportation information;
> writes reports and memos;
> prepares charts and graphs;
> coordinates transportation demand management projects for City staff;
> makes presentations to the Transportation Board and City Council;
> represents the Transportation Planning Program at local and regional meetings.
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