Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Events: Friday Forum 9/19: The Struggle for Equitable Development in Pilsen

Friday Forum 9/19 in CUPPA Hall Room 110 @ Noon

The Struggle for Equitable Development in Pilsen

The Pilsen Alliance's mission is to preserve the historic, cultural, and working-class identity of Pilsen by developing grassroots leadership and facilitating advocacy and organizing campaigns that promote self-determination, demand accountability and build democracy to impact social change.

Pilsen Alliance is working with its members and organizations from across Chicago on a campaign for transparency on how TIF (Tax Increment Financing) dollars are being spent. Despite the fact that the TIF can be used as a tool for economic development, it has been used as a tool to displace low and middle-income families across the city.

The TIF has led to drastic increases in property taxes and the funds generated by the TIF have been given to institutions and corporations that have cozy relationships with city officials. The money has NOT been used to secure living-wage jobs or the construction of affordable housing for community members.

Who controls how the money is spent? Who decides what projects to build? Who decides what to do with our tax dollars?
Come hear about the history and background to the struggles over equitable development in Pilsen and learn about the future organizing goals of the Pilsen Alliance.

Alejandra L. Ibanez, Executive Director
Rodrigo Paredes, Community Education Leadership Coordinator
Pilsen Alliance

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