Friday, October 10, 2008

Call for Abstracts

5th International Conference of the Research Network Private Urban
Governance & Gated Communities

Santiago, Chile - March 30th to April 2nd 2009

Deadline: October 31, 2008

Urban design panel: Gated Communities and the Role of Urban Design

This panel aims to investigate the urban design dimension of the
increasingly ubiquitous gated communities. It seeks to define key
aspects that should be defined by public policy in order to ensure a
quality public realm is produced between adjacent communities. The
panel welcomes papers that explore the design of these communities in
different cultural contexts but which generally follow three lines of
— Do the physical features of GCs matter and how? This line of inquiry
intends to examine the relationship between physical characteristics
of GCs and their local and city-wide social-spatial consequences. In
particular, what are the 'segregative characteristics' of different
types of GCs, and how do their design features function and impact on
the public realm? These physical features include morphological
elements, transit stops, community and commercial facilities and
— How do the design characteristics of GCs evolve/ materialise through
development processes that involve various players (e.g. politicians,
planners, architects, developers, etc.)? What is the role of public
policy in defining the design parameters of such communities? How can
a mutually beneficial relationship between different communities be
regulated, and the creation of a positive public realm ensured?
Cross-national analysis is welcomed to explore the applicability and
variation of urban design approach in different development contexts.
For instance, what are the differences between low, medium and high
density communities in this regard?
— What is implied by GCs for conventional theories and principles in
urban design, especially for residential neighbourhoods? What happens
to conventional urban design doctrines, for instance crime prevention
through environmental design (CPTED), in the face of a city dominated
by large scale gated communities? How can we evaluate the ongoing
morphological transformation of GCs with respect to the ideals of
sustainable urban form?

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