Thursday, October 23, 2008

Networking Event Tonight

UPPSA members,

Please be reminded that TONIGHT at Jak's Tap at 6pm, the UPPSA board is providing an opportunity for UPPSA members and REG (Real Estate Group) members to meet and discuss where our interests intersect.

Plus, you get FREE drinks (beer and/or soft drinks), pizza, & wings!!! (First 25 in the door only - so get there early - but good conversation is always free :)

As an urban planner it is vital that your network includes real estate developers, engineers, architects, landscape architects, and many more. Part of what UPPSA is providing its members with is multiple opportunities to increase their interdisciplinary network. Come find out about upcoming spring events that UPPSA, REG, and EWB are planning.

If you are an UPPSA member you are invited and should take advantage of what your dues go towards funding. I know some of you have class but you should stop by after and see if we are still there. I will be there and I look forward to seeing you all there too!

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