Thursday, October 2, 2008

Message from the UPPSA President


First, someone paid their UPPSA dues in cash. UPPSA does not accept cash.
I have no idea who you are (one of the reasons it is bad to pay in cash).
Please let me know if you paid your UPPSA dues in cash and we will get your money back to you. Since you made an attempt to pay your dues before the deadline we will accept a check or money order.

Second, for people who have paid dues, turned in their registration form and have not gotten blackboard access - I will say this again - UPPSA had trouble with their Blackboard site and was unable to enroll members until a couple of days ago. Now that this problem has been cleared up it will take a little while to process the paperwork. Please be patient and you can expect to have access by the end of this week or the beginning of next.

Third, you are able to enroll as a student for the IL-APA state conference. You do NOT need your APA member # - you do have to create an account but it is not contingent on getting your official APA member # - it says all of this on the IL-APA website. It seems like some people were under the impression they needed their APA member # and have been waiting to get them before they enrolled for the conference. Based on this UPPSA will extend the deadline for FREE accommodations (you are able to book your own hotel at your convenience) to Oct. 10.


Angela Larsen, J.D.
Masters Candidate Urban Planning & Policy Graduate Assistant, Office of Sustainability UPPSA President

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