Monday, September 13, 2010

APA-IL Reimbursement

As the APA-IL State Conference approaches, many of you may be curious as to how the reimbursement process will work. The Conference is September22-24. In short, it will be necessary for you to either scan in or forward your conference receipt showing your payment on or before **SEPTEMBER 15, 2010** to After the 15th, no more receipts will be accepted! UPPSA will then be able to assess how many students have requested reimbursement against the exact amount of funding for reimbursement, at which time we will calculate the amount that will bereimbursed per student.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Sara at
Urban Planning and Policy Student Association
2010 APA Illinois State Planning ConferenceReimbursement Policies and Procedures
Reimbursement Guidelines

a ) Funding for reimbursement of conference-related expenses is being provided by theChicago Metro Section of the APA and is being supplemented by UPPSA funds. UPPSAhas agreed to take on the responsibility of administering all reimbursements.
b ) The amount of subsidy that an eligible student will receive will depend on the amount offunds available as well as the number of students submitting receipts. Therefore, finalsubsidy amounts will not be known until at least two weeks after the final date of theconference.
c ) Where UPPSA funds are used to supplement reimbursements, the subsidy amountallocated to UPPSA Members will be greater than that allocated to non-members. Thedifferential will be $15 at a minimum, which is the cost of UPPSA membership.
d ) It is not anticipated that there will be sufficient funds to cover the full cost of registration.
e ) Sufficient funds are not available to cover any other cost of attending the conference (forexample, food, incidentals, etc.).

f) All MUPP students who have submitted a receipt for 2010 APA Illinois State PlanningConference registration by the deadline of September 15th to willbe considered eligible for reimbursement.

Additional Notes
g ) Receipts can be submitted as soon as they are available. Please use “APA-IL ConferenceReceipt” as your e-mail subject line.
h ) Receipts as well as questions and concerns should be sent to the UPPSA Board

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