Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Transportation Design: Expanding the Frontiers" Conference

Transportation sector is a BIG part in the new world equation, where everything is in a state of change, local and global. All the facets in this world of motion share this space, the trucks, the railways, the ATV's, the buses, the bicycles, the metros, the motor homes, the motor bikes... But can they work together? Can they build upon each other, are there any overlaps?
Let’s see the future of mobility. How things may evolve for transportation. What might be the needs of the emerging cities? Let’s see the world from the people, who are designing the next of these mobile worlds, let’s see how they perceive the future. Let’s see how they study the next trends and how vehicles are designed and developed to cater to the unmet needs of the end users, let’s see how the world can be greener and sustainable.
Let’s see how we can, together, strive for a better world…

Conference micro site: When: 2010 Sept 17, Friday, Full day event Where: Michigan State University, Troy, MIExpected Audience: About 300Mix: Designers, Students, Educators, Creative Professionals, Design Studio Vendors...Conference Chair: register by sending an email to :

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