Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13th Presidential Roundup

• Next General Assembly Meeting/TOD Bowling Tournament for the CUPPAH Cup- Friday, March 18th will be the date of the next GA/TOD. It will look a little different to accommodate the intra-college slugfest known as the CUPPAH Cup. Last spring MUPPs effectively won honor and glory by knocking down the most pins in a bowling showdown at Fireside Bowl in Logan Square. The MPA students asked for a chance at vengeance that also includes students from the undergraduate program. We obliged. The General Assembly meeting will take place in the Graduate Student Lounge at 6pm. We will then travel to Fireside to protect our title as best bowling students in CUPPA. Are you with us? You can RSVP for the General Assembly meeting and to bowl at If you don’t plan on bowling, we could still use your emotional support. No need to RSVP for bowling if you plan to cheer us on..
• CUPPA Business Card Holder- Following up on the plethora of career development events at CUPPA this year, our friends at PASA are selling stainless steel travel business card holders engraved with CUPPA on the lower right side for only $10. A travel business card holder is a great asset as you invest in developing, growing, and maintaining your network. Do not be caught with bent business cards because you keep them in your purse or in your wallet. Be professional. Be smart. Be CUPPA.
We are accepting cash payments only. Please be sure to order by 5:00pm Thursday March 17. Please speak or email with Bob Fuller at regarding ordering. Please direct nonpayment related questions to Adam Rowe,
• Spring 2011 CUPPA Commencement- Graduation is just a couple months away. Learn details about deadlines, locations, costs and what color your hood is visit the UPPSA blog at
• Book Exchange- As this semester is ending, a new one is going to begin shortly. Don’t forget to sell your books for some extra holiday cash, or rent them out, if you are attached to them. UPPSA book exchange in online! Go to to post your books.
• Academic or Assistantship Advocacy- Any MUPPs with concerns about department-wide academic issues are encouraged to contact UPPSA at with your feedback about the program. The Board of UPPSA meets regularly with the UPP department and the Dean of CUPPA. Let us be your advocate. Also, for those students with assistantships, UPPSA President Bob Fuller is also the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) steward for CUPPAH. If you feel you have been treated unfairly in your assistantship (Teaching, Graduate or Research) feel free to contact him at to get connected with the GEO’s grievance resources.
• If you have important news for fellow MUPPs and you would like it included in the President’s Weekly Roundup and/or on the UPPSA website email by 2 p.m. each Sunday.

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